Holding a knife is like driving in a car you’ve got to feel so comfortable behind that wheel, but, more importantly, you’ve got to relax your hands.

Method: Knife Skills


• A butternut squash is one of the most difficult vegetables to dice, but with Gordon’s method, you’ll be a pro in no time.

• When sharpening a knife, make sure your thumb is behind the guard of the steel sharpener. Never expose your fingers to the blade.

• Don’t forget the three finger rule when slicing: one in front (your middle) and two behind.

• Using soft vegetables like zucchini and working your way up to harder vegetables like carrots, practice your knife skills by mastering the classic French vegetable knife cuts. Learn about these cuts here, and test your knowledge with this quiz by matching the French terms with their definitions!

• Concerned about letting your kids handle knives in the kitchen? This NPR article might change your mind. Learn how giving children responsibility in the kitchen and teaching them proper knife handling techniques can foster independence and an openness to healthy foods.

Practice your dicing and cubing techniques with some of Gordon’s other recipes for butternut squash. In the mood for a snack? Whip up some roasted squash hummus. Gordon has a video of this recipe that you can view for extra help. Apply your cubing skills to this appetizer of pan-fried scallops with butternut squash. Share photos of your completed dishes! Get creative with your presentation, especially with the appetizer, and remember to plate intentionally!